My overall philosophy of helping consists of the following:

1. People and systems can change.

2. People have values and needs to be met.

3. People are not diagnoses or labels.

4. People have the ability to take control of their lives.

5. People often give up that control to others.

6. People need to connect to who they really are.

7. People need understanding and empathy.

8. People and systems need to find their voice.

9. People and systems can be stuck in old perspectives and paradigms.

10. People do not accept themselves radically enough (note the contradiction in that statement)

I believe we are at a place in our world where many people are lost, which is why I take an existential perspective to helping.  Existential just means looking at what it means to exist.  That’s broad.  It’s also reality in front of you. It affects everyone.  Our world is changing, our thinking is changing, and sustainability is necessary. What does it mean to be you?  What does it mean to offer the business you offer?  How do you find purpose in your life and how do you find the ability to take control where you can and let go where you can’t?  I think an existential/humanistic perspective can help.  I also think a postmodern perspective can help as well to think outside the old boxes of modernity.

Further, I believe we exist under and utilize way too many old paradigms of thought.  Whether an individual is still living with the thoughts of their parents, or a company is stagnant due to inability to evolve,  we all struggle with shedding old thought processes.  Finding new perspective can be difficult.  Part of my philosophy is trying to help others think simply.  I like simple, yet complex.  We do not need to get complicated to find depth in living – we need to get creative, which right now, to me, seems to mean strip things down to a more simple form.  This helps us see and then add back what we want, change what we want, or leave aspects behind.

Lastly, I want to help individuals, couples, groups, and businesses find freedom.  I want to help our community and society with fostering a humanistic appreciation for those around them, while thinking about ways to better their own lives and the world.

Through counselling, coaching, and consulting, I will bring this perspective to the questions and problems you may be facing.  Whether we are working through deep emotional baggage from the past, or how to manage conflict in your business, or re-envisioning your companies mission, it all comes down to having the right type of space to explore that.  I want to provide you that space and assist you in that endeavor.