Existential Counselling

People seek counselling for different reasons.  A lot of the time it is to deal with specific symptoms that they experience.  Other times though, people seek therapy to deal with some of the questions/concerns/struggles/issues that come along with living the human life.  These are usually defined as existential issues becau they deal with “existence”.

Issues such as:

✴Finding meaning and purpose in one’s life.
✴Operating more authentically in one’s relationships.
✴Dealing with fears and questions about death and dying.
✴Finding a sense of spirituality or “groundedness”.
✴Coming to terms with one’s responsibility for life choices and outcomes.

These realities that we live under can contribute to many of the symptoms people experience: anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, feeling stuck at work, and self-doubt. This type of counselling can often last longer because it is not just about symptom removal but about very meaningful change that one might need in order to feel more at home in their skin as a human being, and more importantly, as the person they are.

If this is where you find yourself struggling or asking questions, we will come up with some goals together and get moving on exploring these issues and how you “experience” them and your self in your world.  This can often be very meaningful work and I encourage you to consider it.